Authorities vow probe into Isabela piper plane crash

MANILA, Philippines — Actor Derek Ramsay shared that his wife, Ellen Adarna, experienced a miscarri age.

During the press conference of Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry “Kampon,” Derek was asked if the film signaled that he is becoming active again in show business. 

However, he mentioned that if they were to have another pregnancy, he would become more “hands on.” 

“We’re really focusing, kami ni Ellen, na magka-baby. So ‘pag nangyari ‘yon, medyo malabo na tatanggap ako ng project kasi very hands on ako mag-alaga,” he said.  

“N’ong nasa Spain kami nalaman namin na preggy si Ellen and then unfortunately we lost the baby pe ro at least alam namin na hindi kami baog. First attempt pa lang naman well successful, unsuccessful so ‘yon na muna i-focus namin na we can get a full pregnancy right away,” he added. 

Derek said that at least they both know t hat they are capable of producing their own baby. 

“We’re sad because we lost the baby but at least alam namin na hi ndi kami baog so may good possibility na makabuo,” he said. 

When pressed for more det ails, Derek mentioned that Ellen’s pregnancy was relatively brief.

“Nandon kami sa Spain for my mom’s birthday, delayed si Ellen. She’s never delayed so we knew something was up and she got herself tested while we were there. A great gift for my mom and then pauwi eventually nag-spotting na siya,” he said.  

“We lost the pregnancy. Hindi niya kailangang magpa-raspa. It was still early on in the pregnancy so a week lang naman,” he added.  

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BAGUIO CITY, Philippines — The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) is preparing for a thorough investigation into the Piper plane crash in Isabela province’s Sierra Madre mountain range on November 30.

CAAP spokesperson Eric Apolonio said they are now on the process of retrieving three important evidence in determining what really happened to the small aircraft that claimed the lives of the pilot, Captain Levy N. Abul II, and passenger Emma Escalante.

The body of Escalante was discovered by K9 trackers near the crash site, while Captain Abul II’s body was found earlier on December 7.

The ill-fated Piper plane departed from Cauayan Airport in Isabela, en route to Palanan Airport, but sent a distress message, “DETRESFA,” to the Cauayan tower at 11:08 a.m. Flight Radar 24’s data indicated the last recorded position approximately 29.09 nautical miles east of Cauayan Airport.

The wreckage was spotted on December 5, yet rescue efforts faced challenges due to rugged terrain and adverse weather conditions.

Apolonio outlined CAAP’s plan to gather critical evidence, including the emergency locator transmitter, engine and propeller at the crash site. These elements are important in determining the cause of the crash.

He mentioned that CAAP categorizes air events as incidents, serious incidents and accidents.

This year, there were six incidents without injuries, nine with injuries and five causing injuries. Additionally, there were two accidents in the Sierra Madre ranges in Isabela province.

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