Priest hit by stray bullet during Baguio City New Year revelries

BAGUIO CITY —  Authorities are hunting down the owner of a gun fired during the New Year revelries that hit a Catholic priest  in Purok 7, Barangay Irisan, Baguio City.

The victim— a 60-year-old Catholic priest who lives at the Holy Family Parish in Barangay Bakakeng Norte, Baguio, suffered a gunshot wound on his shoulder.

The priest, according to the Baguio police went to Purok 7 to lead a Eucharistic Celebration in anticipation of the New Year.

After the mass, he joined the community to watch a fireworks display. 

While watching, the priest suddenly felt an itch on his left shoulder, scratched it and noticed that it was bleeding. 

The police suspect that the bullet is from a Caliber 9 millemeter firearm.

The slug is under the custody of the forensic group of the Baguio City Police Office for firearms identification and ballistic examination.

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